Evaluating different stressors in pediatric patients parents

Purpose: The aim of this study was to evaluate influencing stress factors, in parents of hospitalized children.

Objective: To analyze the correlation between different stressors, age and gender.

Material and Method: This study was conducted in the time period January-July 2019, in the General Pediatrics Department at Fieri Regional Hospital. The sample was composed by 200 parents, where 86 (43.3%) were males and 114(56.7%) were females. The parents chosen as our sample had their children hospitalized for at least 5 days. They were willing to participate and completing the questionnaire given, without any hesitation.

Results: The majority of participating parents were females (56.7%), while the remained were males (43.3%). Most of the sample (45%) was 26-30 years old. 55% of parents had symptoms of depression originating from insomnia. 30% stated that they slept at work from insomnia. 14% of parents of hospitalized children were treated with insomnia medications and a high percentage of parents (86%) were not treated. The sample (23%) reported that they had cardiac rhythm disturbances, during their children hospitalization. Another data collected, showed that 80% of the sample was stressed out by waiting in the hospital, whereas 42% of them felt stressed also by child’s oral problems. Parents of hospitalized children (83%) felt stressed about the painful techniques applied to their children. Most of the parents (65%) were stressed out by the hospital environment.


Mimoza Canga

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